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Curren$y x Ski Beatz ~ Audio Dope II

Audio Dope II


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Week In Review…

This week was pretty decent. Of course school is out so everybody I know had the sigh of relief we all know and love…til grades were posted. I honestly had been stressed out this entire week because I’ve been trying to get my blog game right. You see the posts on your screen, I see different sections of this and that and blah and blah and I’m like maaaan I see why people give up on theirs. But I knew I wasn’t gonna half ass this blog because I have been procrastinating and putting it off for the longest and with no shame giving myself some self-promotion via twitter and facebook ( how else would you know about it…shit aint nobody else puttin me on lol ) so I buckled down, sat in front of my laptop and got to it. Anyway, Hawks lost to the Bulls which didn’t piss me off as much as I thought it would. I mean of course I wanted the win but Joe Johnson missed the lay-up and if you a fan of the Hawks you know Joe is the nucleus of this team so we ride or die with him. He makes the shot we win, he misses we lose. Eh, #kanyeshrug. Also my Falcons yes the Atlanta Falcons pulled it out for thehome team against the Jets. This win is extra special to me because when the Cowboys beat the sorry ass Saints this saturday it knocked us outta playoff contention. With our playoff hopes gone and nothing to really fight for besides first time back to back winning seasons, the defense took advantage of Sanchez and Matt Ryan and Tony G connected for the game winner on 4th & goal. Gotta show love to them for still fighting for their pride…they could’ve easily ran around for nothing ( win or lose they still cashing them checks ) but they won. After the game I got a call from my cousin Terrance who told me my cousin Justin ( his brother ) was coming by so we all could chill. Caught me by surprise but I jumped up from my blog and rode out. We didn’t do anything at all but play Madden and talk shit for two days but it was fun. We’re all grown and living our lives so it felt good to get together just like when we were 15 & 16 and just kick it. I kinda wanted some beer but you know how Sundays are lol. With all the ups this weekend I had my downs as well. My great-granddad called me out the blue. He told me he’s been sick and he’s upset cause he wants to get out of the house and it kind of hit me where his mind was going. It was good to hear from him. He told me to stay in school and keep being a good kid. I told him I would and I would see him this Christmas. It was a hard phone call. Not trying to pull anyone reading this into depression just sharing what happen with me this week. Today’s monday..Christmas is this week so everybody should be on the up and up. New Year’s is coming up and everybody is putting together their New Years Resolutions whether they go through with em or not. Who am I to judge. All I know is that im in a hotel with my cousins and we thanking the Lord for making it through another year and enjoying the night life. I’d be there if I was you…

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A Blog About Nothing.

This is it. The blog you’ve been waiting for. The one that you don’t want to love but will. I call it a blog about nothing because that’s exactly what it is. I ain’t talkin bout sh.t. This blog is random thoughts and opinions that go on through this brain of mine. Its not gonna be full of the latest gossip. There’s a link to Necole Bitchie for that. If it interests me though i will post a blog about it. Don’t write this off as another hip-hop music blog either. I listen to everything so when i post a song every now and then it will be from any genre. Im very home team oriented. My favorite teams are the Falcons, Braves, and the Hawks ( p.s. if anyone associated or with the Atlanta Hawks sees this blog, dont sue me for the logo….seriously..that would suck.) Its just me…Dominique Marquis Hill. I post stuff I like, love and want to share with you all. Maybe it’ll help you understand me a little better…. but then again, maybe it won’t. With that being said welcome to NiqueTwoONE. Wipe off your shoes and leave your coat at the door.


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