A Blog About Nothing

This is it. The one that you don’t want to love but will. I call it a blog about nothing because that’s exactly what it is. I ain’t talkin bout sh.t. This blog is random things that go on through this brain of mine. Its not gonna be full of the latest gossip. There’s a link to Necole Bitchie for that. If it interests me though i will post a blog about it. Don’t write this off as another hip-hop music blog either. I listen to everything so when I post a song every now and then it will be from any genre. Im very home team oriented. My favorite teams are the Falcons, Braves, and the Hawks ( p.s. if anyone associated or with the Atlanta Hawks sees this blog, please dont sue me for the logo….seriously..that would suck.) Its just me…Dominique Marquis Hill. I post stuff I like, love and want to share with you all. Maybe it’ll help you understand me a little better…. but then again, maybe it won’t. With that being said welcome to NiqueTwoONE. Wipe off your shoes and leave your coat at the door.


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